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I stood in front of his door kinda shaking a little.
There's always been one man for me out there, it was HIM and he was all mine... In till he lost the war....
I remember when we would cuddle up with one another in front of the fire. In the summer we would fish salmon and hunt for other game. He was handsome like no other man I ever seen. He was like no else. He was quiet but he still spoke his mine. He was strong and helpful to others and he KNOWS what is truly best for others.
He was Canada. So people say now that he's weak or say "Who?". He's the only one I notice. The only one...
Years ago, a long time ago, Russia came to me and my land wanting me... I fought hard but he was to much for me. Canada soon came but he wasn't as strong as Canada.

"CANADA! HELP ME CANADA! TELL HIM TO STOP THIS!" I cried as Russia was holding me up on his shoulder. I kicked and scream but he was to strong.
"NO! STOP RUSSIA!" Canada yelled at Russia. Tugging on his scarf, hitting his back. "PUT HER DOWN RUSSIA!"
"ho, ho, ho!" Russia laughed a little thinking it was funny that Canada couldn't take him down. "Silly boy, you should go back home to you Mumm."
"NO!" Canada pulled his scarf that it pulled off. "PUT HER DOWN!"
Russia turn to Canada evilly, and angrily.   
"CANADA!! Be careful!" I cried.
But it was to late. Russia punch him to the ground. Canada looked so helpless on the ground, but I guess I looked helpless to him as well. He was sadden with soft tears. "No... Don't take her... Please... She's my everything..."
"Canada..." Warm tears steam rolled up in my eyes. "Canada... I love you. You'll get me back... We'll be together again, my love..." I said as Russia carried me away. Canada soon came smaller and smaller with every step Russia took away from him.

Never truly figure out why Russia wanted me so bad after he took me back to his home. I was stuck with cleaning and cooking for Russia and the other country's being force to live with Russia.
After a little while, the next thing I know I was kicked out... No not kicked out... I was given away like a piece of candy on Halloween. And the worst part is I was given away to America. UGH. I mean he was a nice guy at first but he made me work with this other so called "states". At first it seemed like he let me go free back home, but I wasn't tho. I was on my land again but I couldn't see Canada and he couldn't see me. The a few years later, I force on joining America and become a state.
I was the 49 state. I was the biggest, I was underpopulated then the other states. After a while America stated paying American citizens to take my land way from me and live.
I mean I know I had bad winters but they weren't that bad if you had all you stuff and you live in a town, not all in your own.
Living with America and working with him and the other 49 states he has was okay. But I was different from the party girl New Jersey, or like the earthly Oregon, Or Always in Fashion and full of history like New York, Or chilled back like Florida or big like Texas(Everything's big in Texas).
I think I was like one of America's many wife's or girlfriends or lovers or something like that. I seen many states have a thing for other country's. I've seen Arizona and California and some others have sneaked away with Mexico. I think Mexico's been having one night stands with them, but then again what do I know? I'm pretty sure some other states have thing for England and some for France and some for Spain.
I want walk over to Canada so bad and just do all those "bad", "knotty" things with him... But like I said before Me and America are like thing and I would never cheat on Canada, So I can't go cheat on America if it risks hurting his feelings.
A while ago, crime came up in my state and criminal's started going over into my boarders... Into Canada... At first I didn't know what to do. I wanted to talk to Canada really badly but  how could I if all I want to really tell him is I miss him and that I wanted him not America? The criminal's would be last on my mine.

"America.... I've been having some problems...," I stood in front of America's desk.
"Dude, what's the prob?" He sat in a big office chair, spinning around kinda bored. "The new health care stuff not working for you? Decide you don't need that gun law to kill animals or whatever you do with those things?"
"No... It's just... Uh..."
"Spit it out dude."
"Crime has gone up..."
"Dude, crime gone every where. Just hire more Police men and state troopers. You have the tax money to do it."
"I know but the thing is... Uh... Many criminals are jumping on the boarder and I don't know what to do..."
"Call Canada, give him a list of wanted people and hope they'll show up."
"Dude, your to chicken to talk to people or something? You like never talk to the other state."
"I don't talk to them because there all weird and I don't need to because I don't border any of them. I bored water and Canada and little bit of Russia."
"Here..." He started to write on a piece of paper. "This Canada's Office address. Go there and give him a list & photos of people you have wanted. Easy." He handed me the paper.

And that's how I ended here. In front of this office door. When I walked into the office, his assistant told me to wait, then called him and told me he was waiting for me. My hand started shaking when it pull up against the door knob. I griped it then took in a deep breath.
"Today is the day I finally see him after all those years..." I told myself... I turned the knob and opened the door fast.

"Who are you?" Kumajirou asked.
"I am Alaska!"
:iconiloveyouplz: Here's my story about Alaska and her life and her mad love for Canada :heart:
I worked so hard on this :iconwhutplz:
I really really hope you guys enjoy this :icondragonprayplz:

If you couldn't tell guys I cookie AM IN LOVE WITH CANADA! :iconirapeitplz::iconsexycanadaplz:
I'm not from Alaska :iconhappyderpplz: I don't real know if in real life that Alaska was taken away Canada by Russia. But I do know for fact that Russia had Alaska and gave it way to America for like 15,000$ I think something around that :D it was cheap. That's all I really know xD
Russia totally fail for giving Russia away because in late years they found lots and lot of oil in Alaska.
Poor Russia :meow::iconrussiaplz:

But yeah enjoy~~~~!!

PLEASE PLEASE:iconpikafavplz::iconfavplz:
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((Did you do any research on the state?))
CookShine Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
A little bit.
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I freaking love this SOO much :D
And btw, you have good taste in countries
CookShine Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you :iconspazhugplz: I'm in love with Canada. Thus, why I wrote about Canada :iconbunnyloveplz:
I even have A T-shirt of them...
I'm a little obsess xD
SofiaWerewolf Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
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